All about our Homestead

May be an image of kitchenThe Beginning

Several years ago our family and close friends knew the struggle we had been going through for a very long 20 months, and they also knew that we hade been diligent in keeping our faith strong – there had been some “meltdowns” occasionally – and God was oh so faithful through it all !

Our financial situation had not kept us from our walk with Christ nor had it precluded us from helping others when and how we could. God provided us with hundreds of “extra” dollars each month from sources that we would have NEVER dreamed possible, or knew were even existent!

We were amazed each month at his grace and mercy and how unfailing He is to us despite our human flaws and daily sins. But then He provided a permanent financial relief that ONLY He could have orchestrated for us, His kids!

When my oldest daughter, Melanie, and my son-in-law Tim bought their new home, they offered their “old” home! And when they told us that they were GIVING it to us, I knew right then and there that God had answered not only our fervent prayers, but the prayers of all my faithful praying family and friends who had been interceding for us in their prayer time with Him !!!! I was totally “outdone” by what was miraculous to us, but so easy for the One who created this universe!

We are still giving praise to our AMAZING Father God for His faithfulness to His promises ! Thank you Jesus!!! When I look at this kitchen now, I see years and years of love, family times, holidays, pool parties, and babies growing up. We are so blessed to call this ours. At one time or another, all of our daughters and grandchildren have lived in this home, even if only for a short time. There has been laughter and tears, accomplishments and defeats, births and passings, all remembered within these walls over the last 20-ish years.

This is truly our family homestead! God is so good y’all!


Meet our furry (and some “feathery”) Family!

Meet Mike (Michael Joseph), our “farm dog”!  He is really just a spoiled furry kid, but don’t tell him that! He thinks the chickens are his to take care of and loves hunting crickets with them!

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When Mike was almost a year old, his mom and dad (my daughter’s dogs) decided to have more “kids”!  So….in July of 2017 Mike got 6 more siblings, and we brought two of them home!  Meet Juan Carlos (we call him Carlos) and Bella!!

Now, we certainly can’t leave out Molly!!!  Molly is an awesome cat, our first pet in our homestead (that’s how Mike got his name…Mike and Molly – get it ?  We adopted Molly from our local animal shelter when she was a year and a half old.  She had been an “owner turn in” – I can’t imagine anyone not wanting her!  Molly is a couple month away from being three years old now and we love her dearly!!!  The dogs really love her too!


In July of 2020 – amidst the “pandemic” – Mike’s sister Jazmine had some babies!   Since Mike, Carlos, and Bella were the Uncles and Aunt of these sweet pups – and there was one that had coloring JUST like Mike, we knew we had to have that pup!!!  Sophia Josephine fit right in our little homestead and she has stolen our hearts for sure!  Meet “Sophie Jo”…





When we started our chicken journey we had 6 chickens – 1 Delaware – Della, 3 White Leghorns (Holly 1, 2, and 3 – we got them from our dear friend Holly), and 2 Welsummers – Brownie and Broody !

We started with a small, and very cute, chicken coop – the specs said it would house 8 chickens, but I thought the 6 of them were a little crowded, so we bought a dog pen and shade cover for the tops, so they would have a little more room to roam!  Once we have our own property we will definitely be expanding!

the coop

**Update –  We have expanded and can’t wait to expand even more in a few years when we have our own property!  For now, this will have to do !!!  We now have 13 chickens, 5 laying hens and 8 that should start laying any time now!


**In September of 2018 we had to temporarily become non-chicken “parents”, you can read all about that story here.

Our 4 New Girls

We are tickled to once again be chicken parents!!!

Meet Dorothy, Sophia, Rose, and Blanch – our Golden Comets!