Health and Wellness


Since we are “elderly” { not really, but we are getting there! }, we decided in December of 2014 to try to eat healthier, get more exercise, and we also added essential oils to our home!  Not just to keep our bodies above the wellness line, but to rid our home of toxic chemicals in our cleaners, personal products, beauty products, and more!

I (Heather) also make Elderberry Syrup and Bone Broth to keep our immune systems in great shape!  We also LOVE to do canning…meats, our own veggies, and maybe one day we’ll venture out into canning fruits!!

We haven’t pulled it off completely yet, but we have been replacing things a little at a time to become a chemical free homestead!  The exercise part, well, it needs some more refining – to put it mildly!  We are eating much healthier, at least 95% of the time, so that’s a HUGE plus!

As we find new and healthy recipes, exercise ideas, wellness regimes (we have our own daily essential oils that we take and use – that sounds like a good blog post!), I will be posting them all here !!!

Thanks for hanging out with us on the “mini farm” – more to come !

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