We sure do miss our ladies :(

In September of 2014, after Hurricane Florence, we had to rehome our hens to some friends.  It was a hard decision, but one that was best for the girls.  They are living with some of our friends now who were already chicken “parents”!  This is the story of our chickens up until then….

We have 13 chickens – 1 Delaware – we call her Della, 3 White Leghorns (Holly 1, 2, and 3 – we got them from our dear friend Holly), a Welsummer name Brownie, a Blue Andalusian named Penelope, 6 Ameraucanas – Goldie, Gertrude, Greta, Maureen (I’ll have to check with hubby about the other two…he named them!), and a Barred Rock named Abby!

We started with a small, and very cute, chicken coop – the specs said it would house 8 chickens, but I thought the original 6 were a little crowded, so we bought a dog pen and shade cover for the tops, so they would have a little more room to roam!  I kind of grew from there!!  We are getting ready to buy a 3rd coop soon!



Our little furbaby, Mike, is still very intrigued with the hens ! (I think hubby is too – he is always wanting to hold them !)16640980_297697487313436_5059089072992804361_n16681703_297697523980099_5423085501357411336_n16830750_297697493980102_3250968651681230484_n


And this is where we are now…18424094_10154279793916910_3568595082123084047_n



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